Body types

For Enneagram Types Eight, Nine and One, the body is the dominant centre. Body types are driven by the need for independence, from people and the constricting conditions of their environment. 

For Body types, reactions are very visceral. A strong gut feeling or intuition informs their decision-making, and they react almost immediately to their surroundings without ever really thinking about how their impulses might be meaningful, or how their reactions may affect others.

Their primary drive is to have autonomy and self-determination in a clear-cut world of good and bad, right and wrong. They need to defend their territory and be grounded in the world. If they feel bad, it’s their own fault. When their freedom of choice is restricted, they get angry, or sometimes they’ll act with resentment or impatience at their own sense of powerlessness.

When Body types get angry or impatient for no clear reason, it’s a good sign they’re off balance. The Body has much to say when it feels threatened, but it needs support from the head and heart centres to return to balance. Body types need to take a deep breath and pause before reacting.

Having a discussion with someone can calm you down and help see other sides of a situation. And remember to engage your logic. This can helpful to you to find security in what you have, rather than kicking back against what you don’t.