Body types

In the Enneagram system, the term “gut types” or “body types” refers to three of the nine core personality types. These three types are primarily associated with the gut or instinctual centre of intelligence. They are also known as the “anger” or “reactive” types because they tend to have a strong connection with their instincts and often respond to situations with a visceral or gut-level reaction.

The gut types in the Enneagram are as follows:

Type 8The Challenger: Eights are assertive, powerful, and often confrontational. They have a desire for control, and their gut instincts drive them to protect themselves and others. They can be direct, decisive, and often take charge of situations.

Type 9The Peacemaker: Nines are accommodating, easy-going, and seek inner and outer peace. They have a tendency to merge with others’ desires and suppress their own needs. Their gut instincts drive them to avoid conflict and maintain harmony.

Type 1The Perfectionist: Ones have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they strive for perfection and improvement. They have an inner critic that drives them to self-evaluate and maintain high standards. Their gut instincts drive them to reform and improve themselves and the world around them.

It’s important to note that while the gut types have a primary connection with their instincts, each individual within a specific type may also exhibit traits and behaviours from other centres of intelligence (such as the head centre or the heart centre) as described in the Enneagram system.