You may have had an inkling that there's more... and you're right.

Find out more with an online profile for Enneagram Coaching

There is more to be revealed

Helping you to get in touch with a pure you.

A deep, profound & enlightening process

An online profile will be the start of your journey. You will discover what have been the subtle yet pervasive drivers and imperatives that have been motivating you, in directions not entirely congruent with what you want. 

“The Enneagram will not put you in a box. It shows you the box you’re in – and how to get out of it. ” –  Russ Hudson

I use iEQ9 online profiles which are extraordinarily thorough.

From your head

From your head comes your thoughts. Both useful and hampering to you.

From your heart

Your heart helps you to connect with yourself and others.

From your body

Your body is action. Get it done, without question or confusion - get on with it.

For you, for you and your partner, for teams

The Enneagram shows you why you are how you are, yet there is more to gain as there are profiles for Couples and Teams. 

For Individuals

Discover how the Enneagram can enrich your life in keeping with who you are.

For Couples

This multifaceted report reveals the dynamics of your relationship, with strengths and challenges laid out.

For Teams

This is a journey of discovery and refinement of your team's dynamics.

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I work with individuals, couples & teams.

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