Head types

Our head centre is the place where the desire for safety, competence and predictability are the primary instincts. Types Five, Six and Seven are head types.

The focus of the head types is analysis and understanding. For head types, the world is largely perceived through factual concepts. The objective is to gain security through the cerebral processes of thinking and planning. Head types trust these processes as the best way to help them gain control over potentially painful or dangerous situations.

Head types tend to understand a new situation by first taking a step back from it. Unlike body types who act immediately, head types will not move until they have looked and planned the situation very, very carefully. If you know someone who routinely overthinks things, they likely will belong to the head triad.

When safety, reliability and predictability are in jeopardy, head types will react with doubt, caution & fear. They can often be frozen in fear, risking inaction and complete disconnection from their heart and body if their safety is threatened.

For head types, connection to the body and Feeling triads is vital for their well-being. Reviewing your experiences from a distance is not bad, but analysis without action, will not get you anywhere. In-action is a feature of Head types. they can be so thoughtful that once they have reached a conclusion they can feel as if that’s all there is to do.