Heart types

For Enneagram Types Two, Three and Four, feelings are their main focus. People in this group are chiefly guided by the emotional issues which maintain relationships with others — recognition, social interaction and emotional connections. Whereas body types focus on a sense of control, heart types direct the focus outwards. How am I perceived by others? Am I likeable – just the way I am? How can I develop these relationships?

Primarily, heart types want others to pay attention to them – to be noticed. They are emotionally intelligent and can both access their own feelings and adapt well to others emotional states. But the motivation is less about supporting others altruistically, and more about deriving a sense of self-worth from the appreciation and acknowledgement they receive. If their needs for recognition are not fulfilled, then a heart type can react with anxiety, longing, sadness and, at a deep level, shame. They may feel flawed and undeserving if others are not actively appreciating them.

When heart types feel their self-esteem falling, it’s a sure sign that their center of intelligence is out of kilter. Gain balance by connecting with your emotions, instead of looking for outside approval. What is your body telling you to do now? Can your head center help you see that you are enough?