The Enneagram

Where does the Enneagram come from?

This is always a difficult question as it doesn’t neatly fit into a one (or two) line response. A premise within the Enneagram is that you are avoiding characteristics of yourself – well documented as a ‘shadow’ in the Enneagram.  So even if you are open to learning what it – and yourself – are about, there will be aspects of it and you, you wont want to even glance at. 

The Enneagram is a rich, complex process which reveals what your drivers and motivations are and which have probably been hidden from you. I mean in the sense of having hidden them from yourself. Not a conscious thought, mind. 

Traditionally, the Enneagram has been taught through a talking process – the narrative tradition. The types are talked about and people can see which description fits them best. This process is worthwhile and there are ‘panels’ where some people of a type talk about what it’s like being their type. 

With the advent of online approaches, the capability of gaining a quicker accurate result is possible. Any profile from an online system does need coaching sessions to help understand the rich results and how to make the best of the profile. 

A key element of the Enneagram is that it’s not an end point: “Right, I have my profile so that’s the Enneagram done” That’s a bit like buying a car, parking it in your drive and never going out in it.

To work that metaphor a bit more, when you drive the car, the benefit is in driving, being out there and being involved in the world and people – together with your increasing awareness of who and how you are. 


It is a constantly evolving, revealing and dynamic. As are you. Contact me for more information about how to use the Enneagram for your own development and progression. 

There is more… 

Much more. There are nine types and while we have all of the types as part of our make-up, we will spend more of our lives in one of them, than others. 



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