Enneagram for Teams

Teams are how you get things done in most organisations. They are also difficult to understand and develop. You (probably) don’t work alone – you work with others who have their own needs and core drives which aren’t shared with the team.

The Integrative Team report reveals data and insights to support you and your team. This is a journey of discovery and refinement of your modus operandi. The report is a starting point for interpersonal and team member awareness, by finding team gifts at a profound level, allowing to show their purpose and potential.

Conflict is a natural part of life and living with others. So many misunderstandings and lack of awareness of others in the team can drive the team in a less than productive direction. With highlighting of areas of friction and underlying patterns & assumptions, the team can understand their social and conflict styles. From this understanding sources of conflict, they become drives of performance rather than restrictions.

The report is unique to your team with development tips specific to your team. Your team can build safety and trust, helping to strengthen the cohesion and effectiveness of the team.

Once each team member appreciates and acknowledges their own unique gifts, the diversity of the team’s profile & presentation is enhanced. The Team Report encourages teams to explore the ‘why’ behind behaviours or resistance, allowing for deep, intentional and sustainable changes.