Enneagram for Couples

The couples profile is unique. This multifaceted report reveals the dynamics of your relationship, with the strengths and challenges laid out.

You will gain deeper understanding and insights into how your relationship works – and how it does not work. It will enrich and deepen your relationship.

Get a view of your partner at a depth perhaps not experienced previously. Rediscover the magic moments and what attracted you both in the first instance. Understand how to best understand the other person, what to avoid so they are not upset or triggered. How do you each listen? What communication might you be missing from the other person?

Importantly, learn how to enhance your relationship, take on life’s challenges together, collaboratively and fully.

The couples report can be used by anyone in a relationship no matter what the status or stage you are at. It contains all the depth of an iEQ9 report with emphasis on the dynamics of your two types together. The report details the full spectrum of Enneagram knowledge and reflects on both your core Enneagram types, instincts, subtypes, tri-type, centres of expression, strain levels, conflict and social styles and shows your key strengths to work collaboratively and how you complement each other.

Your relationship can:

  • be healthier, stronger and more supportive
  • have insights to your relationship in a new way genuinely connect more deeply
  • be your best with each other
  • gain clearer communication
  • get closer by having more compassion and understanding

More in depth information about the couples report is available on the iEQ9 website